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DropZone Canada Goose Decoy

DropZone Decoys™:

Our DropZone's can't be compared to other decoys.
The only comparison is in the field, and then you can't tell 'till one moves, which one is real!

Selling fast! A NEW breed of decoy!™
BEST BUY- when you consider Success All Season Long
& the long life you will get from these decoys!
Made to last a lifetime.
Actual works of art, but rugged working decoys!

Your ticket to success.... true value for the dollar.

"Most decoys look better in the pictures, yours look
better in hand and they look even better in the field.
The geese truly respond to them!"
DropZone's make the critical difference on smart, wise or wary birds. The smart choice: quality over quantity (of decoys)

!Many have experienced the DropZone effect.

DropZone's pulls geese over to your set up. Landed Geese have preferred to sit in the DropZone's, over stuffers and other decoys.

DropZone Elites™ - Lock'm & Land'm™
Designed to surpass stuffers - Works sun or snow!
See DropZone Decoys in action on
Ducks Unlimited TV and many more shows.

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DropZone Strength Test - They are the strongest!
Notes from Colorado hunt with DropZone's
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Trailering Elites - Example pictures
  • Rugged & Strong. Just transport in the HD plastic bag they are shipped in to prevent them from rubbing against each other. This prevents surface wear. Then put in your trailer or decoy bag.
  • Shatterproof* Shot usually doesn't penetrate!Durable. One was ran over with 4 x 4 truck; just popped the feet back out, and was only missing a couple chips of paint! * Flexible
    Had a successful hunt that day! (customer report)

DropZone Success-quick!Click -larger picture.
Not a bad day over 20 Drop Zones. 45 minutes from first to last shot. 4 shooters 8 per person limit 32 total for the morning..Bill Crim MA Outfitter

Why buy DropZone Decoys™?
Because they live up to their name!
The geese don't circle, they 'drop right into the zone'!

Trademarked "Textured Finish™" and "Triangle Base™",
sets these decoys apart from the rest.

"They'll come backwinging right in!"

  • Better than stuffers! No more bird flare on 'blue bird days'.
  • Use ALL season long. Stuffers are fair weather decoys. DropZone's work.
  • Ends circling geese that give you only a passing shot.
  • Experience no more decoy-shy geese.
  • Decoys will last a lifetime, with care. They do not beak!

Click on Pic for larger version.
All 4 poses are shown.

  • 1 piece (no heads or feet to loose).
  • Realistic Velvet Feather™ finish on heads and tails. Standard on all Canada's. Black on head/tail, & white on tail. Emulates the light reflective properties of real feathers. Adds long-lasting extra realism -true colors!
  • Life-like shape, size and details of the Western Great Basin Honker. Legs, feet & bill were cast off real goose.
  • Each pose is unique, not just different heads on the same body. New Grass feeder has walking legs.
  • Can be used on all subspecies of Geese.
  • Details. Over 3 hours of labor in each decoy. Many layers of paint to give the impressive realistic finish.
  • Increased feeder to sentry ratio increases realism.
  • Lightweight, hollow, yet durable. A 200 lb man can stand on the side of a DropZone and it will not crush.

You will be entering the DropZone!!!

The decoying success, durability and easy maintenance will make the investment worthwhile!
Buy the Cadillac decoys!
Custom airbrush gives individuality. Makes your set up look real. There is no plastic paint shine or wrong colors that educated geese quickly recognize.

Proven to resist tip over with winds to 30 mph.
Just toe in or push from back to secure in ground and withstand 40-60 mph winds.
Paul's passion during the 7 years of design, was to have the best decoy to make success the rule. He has dreamed, designed, redesigned, tested, improved upon and always tried to outsmart the wily goose. His dream has come true!
DropZone's give phenomenal success!

  • Out decoy stuffers. Same colors/shape.
  • Custom 'NO shine' finish- in the rain or sun!
  • New improved RT (rough/touch) top coat.
  • Hollow one piece full body. They do not break from normal use*!
  • Made of long lasting space age resilient plastic.
  • Details count: No shine paint, right hue and exact pattern of real geese. Also the eyes are hand glossed, the feet and base are painted. The flocking (head and tail) on the exact body shape adds to realism.
DropZones™ are for the Extreme Waterfowlers!
Designed to out-hunt and outlast stuffers,
because they look like a stuffer, yet they will give you many more years of service in all weather conditions.
  • R/T(rough tough)Finish will gives years of service in the field.
  • R/T Paint finish. We developed a proprietary 2 stage paint system years ago of true goose colors, plus an exclusive hard sealer, which are both no-shine. The 9 layers of paint emulate the real hues of the feathers.
  • Color changes as it rotates in the sun/shade!
  • Durable flocking on head & tail. Aero's glue lasts!
  • Hand painted detail, beak & glossed black eyes.
  • Pained base and feet. (Yes the feet make a difference)
  • Very stable even in 40+ mile winds.
  • No stake needed with wide base design.
  • FREE Bags included with the decoys, which are thicker and more durable than bags purchased. Choose 1 long bag to cover decoy & base (standard)
    Or choose 2 bags: One shorter for decoy to cover just the decoy for trailer shelves, & one to cover the base for shipment.
  • The photo's show how the hues changes with light
2+ times more plastic than competitors = durability.

Lightweight: approx.3 1/2 lbs.
Sentry: 25" high, 27" long, 9 1/2" wide,
and the base 13 1/2" wide.

Feeder: 15" high, 31" long, 9 3/4" wide,
and the base 13" wide.
The above decoys are the same decoys. The pictures have not been touched up or altered.  The pictures were taken 1 hour apart.The left picture was taken in direct sunlight and the right picture was taken with clouds above.
Can you find the decoys above?
These decoys fool the eye, until one moves.
Many hunters have found live geese in the decoys and did not know until they walked right up on them!

During the hunt, hunters have said:
"You can't tell which ones are real, till they move or deposit a cigar!"

Notice how the goose on the right looks just like the decoy. Same color tones and feather pattern.

Why? Because DropZone's are Elite!
They are the only decoy with the exact body shape of a real goose, head and feet.
The feet and bill are molded off a real goose.
The feather pattern is an exact copy of a real goose, over laid on the decoy body. 
DropZone Goose Decoys Success DropZone Goose Decoys success
DropZone one frosty morn, waiting for the flight.
See the 6' guy (Backwing) standing on the side***.
*** Note: If you try standing on a decoy, you do it at your own risk! The curved body is not stable.

The Winning insurance you can have in the field for success!

How Many Decoys are needed?
Paul Sullivan, Burbank Guide Service, typically uses only 30 decoys and has a string action Flutter-Wing in a DropZone Feeder, ready if there is a need to attract the geese from a distance. This is superior to flagging because there is no human presence to hide and nothing to flare the birds when they are landing. He activates the Flutter-Wing till they are about 100 yards, then just waits till the geese are in close range to 'take em'. Set the FW off to the side of the pocket/zone and put 4 to 5 sentries close around the Flutter-Wing. However, he is meticulous in making sure his blind is not detectable, has the right location and knows when to call. Others have great success with more decoys, so therefore the answer is what works, is what works. But using the best deks with true realism is the answer to enhanced decoying ability.

Do DropZone's really make a difference?
Paul says, " I've noticed, along with customers, that when geese land they prefer the DropZone's, when offered family groups of other decoys in the spread. I've offered this challenge to other hunters and they agree when they have the same results.
I surmise it is the realism that brings 'em in, but it is the real shape, right color and feet that entices then to mingle with DropZone's". DropZone's Look like there true buddies!

Set Up:
I carry the decoys with their feet, and leave the bags on till they are in the field, before I remove them. I reverse the process at pick up. Take the bags to decoys, bag them, and return to trailer.
Demand quality over quantity and invest in the best.
You will have the best return on your money and success with DropZones!
Truly the most durable decoy on the market.
How many do I need? Guides vary the number of decoys from 24, 36 to 48 decoys,
and vary the set up to match the birds the day before.
We have had reports of unbelievable success with only 12 and 18 decoys.
Most customers purchase a couple, to check them out. Those who did last year, told us after a season in the spread, they can see the value and the durability.
Our colors matched the real geese and they still looked great.
Therefore they are ordering more.
Customers who set up DropZone's on one side and brand X on the other, relayed that the geese did prefer the DropZone's over brand X.

Durability - YES!!! A decoy was shot by a hunter at 25 yards in 30° weather, and the pellets did not penetrate the decoy! They will not break from normal use. Crushproof & tough, yet flexible. The decoy does not crush, yet the base is still flexible!

Made to last a life time of the most expensive specially formulated compound, of heavy duty space age plastic available. These decoys have been dropped out of a truck going 60 mph, and they only suffered some minor road rash! Survived all in 1 piece.

How will the paint wear? With care you can expect years of life. We have perfected a very rough and tough paint that is scratch resistant, yet still dull with no shine. Plus if there is wear, the color of the decoy( before being painted) is the color of the feather highlight. During testing, we sanded off the paint on on the sides the decoy, they still looked great. Why because this exposed all of the feather vanes and detail in each feather that is not evident under the very realistic paint scheme.
Protect the finish by transporting always in the shipping bags, to prevent the decoys from rubbing against themselves. They are highly textured, and therefore can be abrasive. This also applies to the Velvet Feather Flocking finish. VF is so durable we do not know how to remove it. Kits can be purchased to touch up the flocking when needed.

DropZone in the fog-  decoy is looking good
Check out success pics at: Burbank Guide Service
Trailering: We can trailer 90 decoys in a 10' x 6' high. The floor is one row followed by 2 more rows on shelves. We create 'U' shaped shelving with a removable shelf for the middle for each row. We can get 120 in a 12' x 6'. We always replace the bags on the decoys. This prevents the decoys from rubbing against each other & the trailer. The decoy surface is rough, and therefore they can be abrasive on each other.

Improved R/T Finish: New Sealer top coat is even tougher than before, and the same flat finish you can expect from Aero!
R/T Finish (rough and tough finish) for improved durability. Same no-shine finish, but we improved the quality. Improved detail in the paint scheme.
NEW wide stable base design that adjusts to un-level ground. "Triangle Base, shape™" is convex. (upside down dish/plate). Design is Trademarked and Copyrighted by Aero Outdoors.Inc.