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DropZone Decoy Strength Test

How strong are DropZone Elites?

Some guys just have to test things.
Sometimes it is on purpose and sometimes by accident.

A customer accidentally shot a DropZone Elite and then decided to give the decoy a 'real test' to
see how strong they are.

However, the results speak for themselves.
Customer (Shawn)said he did not know of any other decoy that could sustain this test.
He was so impressed he sent us the pictures.

TO: Aero Outdoors

"This decoy was initially "accidentally" shot, and then was
shot purposely shot at distances from 20 yds to 5 feet by a
variety of gages, shells and loads.

The hole was made by a shot from 5 feet and
then a 295 pound guy still stood on it. It did not crush.

I know that you DO NOT RECCOMEND this, but this is
what I did to see just how durable your decoys are.
I AM COMPLETELY SOLD on DropZone's !!!!"


(**Note: Stand on decoys at your own risk!)

DropZone Elites are the toughest decoys on the market!
Best investment for success too.

**Note: Do this solely at your own risk!
Standing on decoys is not recommended by Aero Outdoors, because the decoys have a rounded body.
Therefore, the Decoy is not stable. A decoy may not support the weight of the hunter.