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Flutter-Wing Action Decoys

We have several version of our Flutter-Wing Action Decoys:

Features & Benefits

  • Built tough- to withstand daily guide service use. Proven reliability.
  • Most features also apply to the STRING models too.
  • Only quality industrial grade components and aluminum frame & stainless parts - No hobby or toy parts, thread spools or rubber bands.
  • Kits are adaptable- to most decoys.
  • Real life 14” duck wings, gives lifelike 36 inch spread- action & rotation emulate a duck fluttering its wings, with one side white & the other black, at just the right constant speed!
  • Goose Wings are larger, has an more exacting shape and is sized to the style of decoy. Black on both sides, with one side flocked for extra realism.
  • The decoy on the stake rotates into the wind- emulating a real duck just before landing, hovering to find its spot to land and feed.
  • The wing is patterned closer to real life in size & has exclusive Flutter-Wing action wing design. Not just another rotating wing. Not affected by wind rpm. Only one drive belt needed (will not slip).
  • The wing shaft has precision ground ball bearings for cold weather- which reduces vibration. This makes it quieter & creates less drag to increase the battery life. Industrial grade quiet motor enclosed also!
  • Wings assemble easily with push on & twist connectors- especially in the early morning (at ‘0’ dark thirty). No flashlight needed, no loose parts or screw/clips to tighten or install.
  • Battery models- have a Long life battery- 6 volt/4.5 amps rechargeable, with unique design to give 24+ hours of continuous speed. No speed drop off to flare the birds. SLA (sealed lead acid - like car batteries) batteries, need no conditioning. Lasts up to 5 years.
  • Quality 800ma. quick charge (6 hr) charger.
  • Most models come with a strong square steel stake- attaches firmly to decoy for the desired angle. Use in the ground or water. For stability, frozen ground, strong currents or winds use the base. Weight can be added easily. (These options not included in all units).
  • No remote needed- Ducks have good eyes - at the quack of dawn and all day long. If the decoy is off the ducks can't see it work. Remotes are used to save on batteries & reduce bird flare due to noise and varying wing speed. (Save money. You don't need another gadget to loose, break and keep fresh batteries in).
  • The STRING action decoy solves the remote problem of bird flare when close in, plus the additional problem of remotes of having no control to the actual position the wing stopped at. The lighter white underside when stopped in the up or partial up position will flare the birds. The string action always stops at the original set position, or the black side up!

Why We're Better Than The Rest

  • Competition wings spins too fast or too slow (flares the birds)- too small & the movement is not realistic (back and forth, etc.).
  • Others decoys don’t rotate as the wind changes- or rotate down wind, which is not normal behavior and will flare the birds away.
  • Others not representative of the natural shape- smaller & the rotation is just spinning. Or small, shinny metal not naturalistic can flare close birds.
  • Others have the wing shaft go through a loose fitting bracket hole- which create vibrations, noise & drag on the drive system that reduces battery life.
  • Most use noisy hobby motors or direct drive motors (extremely heavy)- that give a short life to the alkaline batteries, + the wing speed drops quickly.
  • Others require inserting a small pin (etc.)- while holding the wing shaft and main tube together, or the wings are not removable for transport. (Hope you don’t loose the pin, bolt, etc!)
  • Poor design creates drag, vibrations & short battery life (alkaline batteries.) Plus most others batteries & chargers are not as powerful as Flutter-Wings.
  • Stakes are not as strong or not firmly attached to the decoy- which allows the decoy to change desired pitch to an unrealistic pose. Others offer no bases. Usually not included with decoy.
  • Ours is made in industrial machine shop. Beware of ‘home builds’ or cheaper models that are not made of quality parts. You get what you pay for!