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Flutter-Wing Kits

We offer a String-Powered Flutter-Wing Kit.

String-Powered Flutter-Wing Kits 2110; Choose DUCK or GOOSE.
Fits similar sized decoys that we use; Full Body Magnum Duck or Shell; Full Body Goose decoy.

The String-Powered Flutter-Wing was designed as the Politically Correct solution to the action battery decoy controversy.
However, after we have the used the string version, we would not go back to the battery. Hunter gets to control the action; there is no wrong side of wings (white) up as when using a remote, no noise, consistent wing speed and great realistic flash to attract the birds!

As a hunter said, "There was a hunter down the way who had one, and until he left I could not get any birds to land into my spread. It works, especially on wary birds!"

  • Ready to bolt into the decoy, after holes are drilled in decoy
  • No assembly of mechanism required.
  • You can operate your decoy from up to 30+ yards away!
  • Includes 1 decoy adaptor for the stake & screws-
  • New thumb screw wing connectors
  • Set of wings- one side black, other white
  • Grommet for head or chosen location
  • Instructions
  • Extra Drive bands, user string and storage handle.       --> click larger image
  • Shown in picture for reference, but not included in kit-
    Round plate with nipple to insert into stake (buy below) or your ?
    Most decoys already have a base, therefore the round plate/nipple is not needed.
    Also not included 17 inch state, which fits in the box, or choose a longer one.
Duck Decoy Flutter-Wing Action Wing
Duck & Goose Decoy Wings Kit Wings.

Goose on left- Black on both sides
Duck on the right- Black on one side, white on the other.

<---Click Larger Image

Larger flagging wings are available for the goose decoys, purchased on the Decoy page.
Smaller wings are 14" & larger wings are 23" each.
Not including the wing shaft. Not full span-both wings..


Flocking is available,for an additional fee, or you can purchase bulk flock for wings.

KITS- You supply the decoys and we supply the action kit.
Flutter-Wing Goose Kit    
44751 Flutter-Wing Goose String Action Kit- wings are larger than duck wings:
Includes mechanism, one set of small wings black/black no flocked, extra drive bands, extra drive string, thumb screws, etc plus user string and handle..
Fits DropZone Goose Decoy or any decoy with strong plastic walls . DZ is approx. 9 1/2 wide.
No Stake, but you can use the Duck Plate/nipple and use your tubbing or purchase a stake. See these parts un the Duck FW Buy Page.
Will fit decoys larger/smaller with the decoy wing connectors adjusting to being inside/outside the decoy.
$57.99 action decoy for water fowl
45712 Flutter-Wing Goose String Action Kit- 2 sets of wings: same as above, except second set of larger wings 23", wings are not flocked. black/black. $89.99 flutter-wing decoy
EXTRAS For Flutter-Wing Decoys      
  FW Kit Extra: round metal plate and threaded metal nipple. Attaches to the FW mechanism plate.
Works with Duck or Goose Kit. Use conduit or plastic pipe for the stake, or order a stake from below

$ 9.99 Christmas Flutter-Wing Special
Stake Stake for FW Kit to use with the plate and nipple. Strong 5/8 galvanized, primed, painted steel with angle cut end to insert into the ground.
A longer stake may be needed for the goose decoy. Works with Duck and Goose Kit.
. Can be used on other decoys. 1/2" ID. Will not bend (under most circumstances) Made in the USA.

  17 1/2" Stake. As described above (fits in the Kit box)   $14.99 Decoy Stake
  24" Stake. As described above   $16.99 Decoy Stake

4 foot Stake. As described above, but with welded extension for foot pressure (and diagonal welded brace support for foot) to insert into the ground.

$26.99 Decoy Stake

5 Foot Stake. As described above, but with welded extension for foot pressure (and diagonal welded brace support for foot ) to insert into the ground.


$33.99 Decoy Stake
  6 Foot, almost. 59" as described above. Needs to be under 60" to ship small package.
As described above, but with welded extension for foot pressure (and diagonal welded brace support for foot) to insert into the ground.
$41.99 Decoy Stake

Both Duck & Goose Kits are built with Magnum duck and G&H goose decoys in mind, However kits have been used in lots of decoys.
Buy the rugged and reliable mechanism- buy Aero. The wings are the right speed and return to set position!.