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Flutter-Wing Action Goose Decoys

Early AM Success! Click picture for a larger image
Paul Sullivan, Designer/Engineer - Owner of Burbank Goose
Goose Hunters! - True realistic decoy + action is a deadly combination.
"Are you getting tired of geese pulling off your decoys at 80 yards?
Do you yearn for those early season geese at 25 or 30 yards?
Are your fellow hunters getting tired of you calling the closest shot being at 65 yards?

Well let me give you the answer- My Flutter-Wing Goose can solve these challenges for you. In fact I’m so sure of our decoys abilities I will give you a 30-day trial. If this decoy doesn't meet your need- just send it back for a full refund.

No Gimmicks.
Wings always return to pre-set position.
Eliminates birds flare from un-natural wing positions.
Superior to battery or other flappers which do not give the real wing action.
Late season, this is your success tool!

Do want to watch 'em, or shoot 'em?
Flutter-Wing brings 'em into shooting range!

NEW: No hassle drive cord- quieter and more reliable! 2014
Wings are flocked on BOTH sides for extra realism.
Most realistic wing available; flocked black and goose gray on the bottom.

Paul analyzed the decoy from a distance to make sure it looked realistic and found the flocking looked so real from a distance, he could not tell!.

Action Attracts! Dispels fear. Add one to your spread.
Use like a call...learn to read the birds and activate as needed. To get their initial attention, call a lot and loud, and when they turn/respond quite down.

Superior to flagging! Decoy Blends into the spread.
NO human presence to hide, that will flare birds .Geese can see from great distances. These get their attention.

Pull trafficking geese your way, right "into the zone!"

Both String & Battery Styles Feature:
  1. Large natural wing shape, with black Velvet Feather™ finish on one side and flat black on the other.
    Large wings are 23 inched long and small wings are 14 inches long
  2. Wings remove with easy twist on/off wing connectors. No little pieces to loose or come undone.
  3. Aluminum frame mechanism & stainless parts- built to last for years. Precision made in machine shop.
  4. Custom, precision sealed bearings for easy, smooth action & with cold weather lube added to reduce cold weather drag.
  5. Action in the DropZone realistic body is the ultimate in appearance. No shine paint, right hues and exact
    shape of Canadian Goose landing. DZ Decoy cant/tilt is adjusted for more realistic pose for Flutter-Wing action.
String Version Features:
Hunters love having control of the action.
Same flash as battery decoy! Right speed, right action and right realistic look (decoy with wing in set/spread).
Attach string to rubber washer on the outside top of neck.

  1. Wings always return to 'set' position. Velvet flocking on the top to not flare the birds. Set with black VF finish on top.
  2. Gives same flash as battery, but you can control the action.
  3. Silent, dependable mechanism. No batteries to buy or carry.
    Easy action, with short pull string action. Have the same direct pull force at 10 ft or at 30+ ft.
  4. Custom Black Drivecords for extra life (uv resistance too). Extra drive cord shipped with each decoy.
    Guides get 1 season with our black custom spec drive cords, vs. 1 month with yellow natural bands purchased in stores. Ours is a custom wall thickness also, for the right resiliency/return operation of the decoy. Not found in stores.
DropZone Elite ™Goose Decoy: for extra realism.
Better than a ‘Stuffer’. All Weather/All Season.
No shine paint rain/sun. One piece, hollow body.
DropZone Elite Decoy has Velvet Feather finish head & tail, plus custom air brushed durable painted body.
Rugged/crushproof - a 200 pound man can stand on side.
Wide base gives stability- even in high winds. No stake needed!

Includes: Extra custom black UV drive bands.
Front string action from above head-on neck. Rubber stopper to maintain tension and to connect your control cord to the blind (non-stretch). Hidden access in bottom of decoy.

String Action: $ see Buy Page
Realistic wing action in DZ Elite Decoy.
Straight pull from head.
Extra drive band and sting included.
Easy 3" stroke eliminates giving away human presence.
Battery Action: No longer available.
Lasts 30+ hours.Special Order. Allow extra time.
12 V battery, charger, charger plug on decoy underside and
extra drive bands included.
Silent, high quality special motor gives the right goose wing speed.

A Flutter-Wing is a perfect addition to any decoy spread! Use 1 or 2 of them.
Attracts their attention and brings them in!
Set up suggestion: Do not use the Flutter-Wing as the focal point of your spread. Set off to the side of the spread/pocket and surround with other decoys. Paul uses 4-5 sentries close to the Flutter-Wing.

TIP: For very cold weather, insert a hand warmer into the decoy to keep the drive band warm.

Bring your DropZone Elite Decoy Spread to life. Puts the birds right "IN the ZONE!
Get the extra edge needed to decoy wary geese. Works all season long.
(But make no mistake- it will not make up for a poor set up or calling at the wrong time.)

Either you have one, or hope no one else does.
Silent precision mechanism. Built tough for long life, which gives a great return on your investment (both in success & cost).

Only after many designs, fine-tuning & field-testing with success on educated birds, we now offer the very best goose decoy on the market!

Looks like incoming gliding goose,
says to buddies,

"Hey, I checked it out.

Its OK, ... time to feed!"
Battery Features: Special Order. Allow extra time.
No remote needed, but you can run wires to blind or add a remote if you feel it is needed.
  1. Quiet, does not flare the birds close in.
  2. Very high quality enclosed motor- quite and low amp draw for long battery life. Ball bearings on shaft also reduces drag & extends battery life.
  3. The right wing flash to attract geese from a distance.
  4. Natural wing speed/shape. The right look.
  5. No need to turn this one off. Late season geese land close! No motor noise, no wrong speed & therefore no wrong wing configuration when turned off to flare birds.
  6. Looks like a goose stretching wings or landing.
  7. Long lasting battery life. Typically lasts all weekend. Place battery inside the decoy, or between legs.
Includes: Rechargeable 12V SLA battery, quick 110v charger, outside charger plug on the side of the decoy (no need to remove battery), decoy and durable mechanism.