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DropZone Testimonials

Morning Glory. Dawning of a great hunt.

Start the hunt right, with the very best equipment, and you will find out for yourself why they are called "DropZone Elites". Burbank, Wa.

All season, even late season, the Elites bring success.

Rain, sleet or snow... Geese drop right in!
It has been proven that fewer decoys, of the highest quality, will increase your success.

I used 24 to 30 DropZone's all season long. Your best spread will be as good as your worst decoys, therefore use only the best and eliminate the rest. Even if you can't see the difference, the geese can, they are fooled by the DropZones because the feather detail, correct shape and no-shine paint with the Velvet Feather (flocking) and the R/T paint, on DropZone's will fool them every time. I know I hunt every goose day in an area with high competition and educated geese that are hammered in Alaska & Canada, and all the way along till they
arrive in SE Washington. Paul Sullivan, Burbank Guide Service.

Same decoys, just different times of the day and light conditions, which will result in different color shades due to the unique texture and layers of top quality of paint

DropZone's hue change as the lighting angles change.

I am ordering more decoys! I had purchased all the other types ( Bigfoot, Hardcore & Avery) and DropZone's were the only ones that had the paint hold up during a bad sand storm. All the others lost their paint, with some ending up with the paint completely gone (down to the bare plastic).
DropZones work, they are more durable and therefore the best investment! Old hunter from Colorado. 11-04

I knew you had told me, but I really did not believe it till I saw it for myself.
The geese just really dropped right in. They did not circle. They just dove in into the Drop Zones. They landed and then I could’t tell the difference tell thte difference till one moved. The brighter the light, the better the DropZones looked. Decoyed them right in.
I had 1 dozen hardcores and 2 dozen flocked avery shells and all the geese came into the DropZones. I know I need to change my
blind set up because they came right in. I used to set up the decoys farther away to allow for the birds to flare or circle, and I don’t need to now.
I took a nap and woke up and the geese were landing and running right into the DropZones. If I hadn't’t seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it. They ran just like some other geese were chasing them off their territory. I was in a wheat field and then they just sat there in the middle of the DropZones.
I would never mix the decoys .I saw that the geese just want the DropZone's. I am sold on the DropZones. I think they will gain effectiveness
during the season, because they look so real. It was magical. I did not even get a chance to try the motion stuff.
South Dakota. Jerry 9-04 early season.

I use to hunt with floaters in the pond and the big foots off to the side on the land.
With the DropZones, I had to change my blind set up. All of the birds go into the DropZones now.
And you have to know, that was with only 9 decoys too.
The hunters I was guiding laughed and were skeptical. They wanted to know where were all the decoys. Said normal guides use about 100. Then they saw the results and went away with limits in their hands smiling! I am ordering more DropZones and getting rid of my other decoys.
Kevin, Minnesota 9-04

When I first bought your decoys a year ago I was quite skeptical of the prowess attributed to your decoys. I didn't believe any decoy could draw geese, from distances, and frankly doubted you had ever had to decoy geese running "traffic" knowing you live in an area that commonly has up to a million geese in the area. Also you own prime "killing zones" and I was nervous after buying the first 4 dozen DropZone"s.
Not being a guide I nervously put them out in the early season and landed geese in them every time we were hidden well. No big deal. I had done that with silos and footers. Then late season hit and the last week and half of hunting "traffic" next to a field of burned wheat from 2-5 guys, brougth us limits using your decoys. Guides were hunting in the burned field next to us and every day we limited and were out of the field before they were finished. One day they never bagged a goose using ten dozen footers, pits and being right on the spot the geese wanted to be. Food was in every little bare spot in that field. We got geese to land in a stubble field with 8-12 inches of snow!!!! I freelance, and both my buddy and I call fairly well, but the biggest difference in the last 8 years after layout blinds is your DropZones. I will be buying many more. I have only used the spinner twice and it worked, but I haven't needed it yet and the season is almost over.
I LOVE YOUR DECOYS, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY YOUR HONESTY. They work just like you said they work.
Thanks, Steve "the sometimes good goose hunter". 1-20-04

You should call your decoys frontrunners.
They are so far in front of all other decoys; if the DropZone's turned around they could not even see who is in second place.
Success speaks for itself. This was the 3rd day of the season and the 3rd time to hunt the field. It was my turn for set up. I pulled out my 18 decoys. Legal shooting time was 7:15 and by 7:45 we were picking up the decoys and had limits for 7 guys in Ohio early season. I bested the two previous day! Used the flutter-wing DropZone. A couple of pulls and they committed. They just dropped right. Mike in Ohio 9-04

Decoy (sample) arrived today. I placed it by HC, GHG, Bigfoot--- No comparison. I'll
have a bunch of full bodies for sale. You'll hear from me again. Thanks for the great service. Tim 9-10-04

Received my decoys today.They are EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! One of the boxes was torn and beat up really bad. Almost looked like it had been through a meat grinder .Decoys were in perfect condition!!!! One of the reasons I bought DropZone's was because I have not heard any complaints about there durability,size or paint like I have with other companies.The only complaint that I have ever heard was price. I must say that I believe that they are priced right. I was always taught that you get what you pay for. Also not sure of the name of the lady that took my order by phone but she gave me excellent service!!!!! June 28, 2004
I plan to be ordering more of the newer poses soon. Thanks Again for the great service and the best realistic decoy that there is.DM-Iowa

I have experienced amazing success with my good I do not want my local competition to know what my new success secret is. Therefore do not use my state in testimony, but you can count on me buying more and using only DropZones! I was able to out decoy others who had big set ups of other style of decoys. Until our group was limited, the others got no shooting. I also tested my DropZone's in groups with other brands, and when the geese landed they walked over to the DropZone's every time! Less work having to use fewer decoys too! (name withheld too)

I sure do like your decoys (DropZones)! I used a small spread & they were just deadly!! You did a great job on design & finish out. I am going to upgrade my canadian "set up" to all of our your items. J. L. Dallas, Tx. 6-04

Deks came Tues. Lightnign fast shipping. (ie great servcie) They look great. My son says they look like pets. I will enjoy using them. I will get more when I can. Russ H.

The sample decoys are amazing. I am going to change my set up to your decoys and my stuffers. Right colors and I can use them all season long, when I can't use my stuffers. Can't wait to get the rest of my order. P.A.

I have had the opportunity to hunt with Aero Outdoors full body goose decoy in several hunting conditions from full sun to windy rainy conditions. With past experience in using Big Foot and stuffer decoys as well as many other manufactured decoys I have found what I think to be the best all around decoy made today. There was many hours of fine detail work put into this goose decoy that make it what it is.
Good Decoying, Rick Young (Editor/Producer Northwest Hunter TV)

Shot 27 Canadian geese on 9-03 with only 2 DropZone decoys. No other decoys. I had 6 hunters and 5 full limits plus one guy was short ( no lack of opportunities) Had left them out for a few days in my field and the geese were looking for them.
Greg Meredith Virginia

I just love the durability of the decoys after seeing how tough they are. Plus they work!
Steve B.

Just watched the"stuffer shuffle". When the drizzle started I just laughed at the hunters in the next field as they where rushing to pick up their stuffers before they were damaged. I didn't have to because I use DropZone Elites. the geese just dropped in and I was done before any others got any shooting!
T.K. Burbank

Testimony: Just received my sample . Not very often you can take a real decoy and take it into the house and it looks like it belongs there on the mantel. It is awesome. I can’t wait till I can hunt over them. Looking forward to getting some more now. It is not very often a decoy really lives up to the advertising. This one looks better than the pictures. I am buying more right away.
Brian B., Eldorado, Ca.

I had a guy put out his spread of the decoys with the wire hoop base. He was so proud of them. I told him he had to see mine. I got my DropZone Elites out and showed him. He was speechless. He then wanted to know what they were and where I got them because they did look so real and durable. I am ordering more today. Ted Sacramento, Cal.

The two I order as samples look so awesome that I need some more right away!! They do live up to the quality you said they were. You did not oversell them. They look great with the flocked heads and tails. Charlie Seattle, Wa.

I am ordering 2 dozen now after seeing my buddies decoys and hunting over them. I will order more next summer when the other poses are ready. Put me down for them and let me know when they are ready. Sam, Indiana

I hunted over them last week with a friend. Can I just buy one for my house? I have never seen such an impressive decoy in my life .I can hunt over my buddies and I just want one to add to my collection. Ross, Portland, Oregon

I have checked out all of the other brands. Hunted over them too. I am selling them and after seeing yours they are now my decoy of choice. Jimmy, Pennsylvania

Wanted to let you know we received our 4 pk of decoys today...we are exceptionally pleased with them!!!! They are beautifully done and almost too pretty to put out in the field, not really, I can't wait to get them out there this fall!! ...putting in our next order...thanks for your fantastic workmanship and quality!!! T G Glasford, IL 5-04

"Ordering another 3 dozen to complete my set up of 4 dozen. I hunt geese 6 months of the year from Canada to Texas. DropZones decoys stand out as the best and outperform my others. Superior to my stuffers. I am selling my other decoys and going to use DropZones exclusively!" - Houston, Texas. 6/2004

"I just received my order yesterday and your decoys are awesome! I can not wait to hunt over them next year! My Question is are you coming out this year with other head styles? Let me know as my buddies and I are going to put together an order." - M. S., Maryland 2/2004

Note: We have so many successful hunters from the west coast to the east coast and in Canada it would take pages to relate their excitement and satisfaction with working with Aero Outdoors as a company.
Buy for your self and you will experience the difference.