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DropZone: A dream that became a realityTrailering Example

You can make dreams come true with passion, persistence, patience, product knowledge, production insight and of coarse some money. It was a long difficult road, but the reward has been worth it. The DropZone Elite decoys have met and exceeded my expectations. Read my story below.

"The DropZone decoy was just a dream for me until we actually started to work on a proto type in 1995. I had been a goose hunting for 25 years at this point in my life and I was getting highly frustrated by using decoys that would work some of the time, but not consistently enough for my operation.

My whole goal on these decoys was to create a decoy that would literally land every flock of geese that showed interest in the spread. Of course, that was highly ambitious on my part. I had remanufactured other decoys by melting them and reshaping them and painting them so that every decoy had a different look. Even going to these extremes, I knew that the only way to get a decoy that would work every time was to design one myself. I tried everything. I even glued feathers on decoys. The process was long and difficult, but the results speak for themselves.

This is the only goose decoy that is guaranteed to not only out decoy stuffers, but we have testimonials that claim it out decoys live geese. You can read about the claims of the decoy manufactures make about their decoys being the most this and than. But we have the only decoy that is not only anatomically correct in size for a honker, but it also has real goose feet molded into it.

Plus DropZones have the absolute correct paint job. the right color, right hues, no shine in sun and Velvet Feather flocking on head and tails for extra added realism that can not be beat.

The thing that makes the DropZones stand out from all the other custom decoys is the paint job. Ours is not the typically 10 minute paint job with and air brush or and over releafed feather pattern that you simply spray the paint at an angle to get the sort of look of the batted pattern in the feathers. Our finish work on the DropZones is so time consuming that it forced us to have the distinction of being the most expensive decoy on the market.

Also I wanted decoys that were problem solvers. No loose heads to loose or connection to wear out. Not feet to loose. No wobbly small bases. No bodies that will not hold the shape. No light weight plastic that will quickly fracture or break. No design that looks like a cartoon character. No need to worry about the investment in decoys (stuffers) that are fair weather birds. No need to have huge spreads of stuff that takes too much time to set up and repaint constantly. Plus they come with their own protective bags.

I was fortunate to have the Burbank Guide Service as my testing source and my previous manufacturing company experience to assist me in making the best products to make hunting more successful and enjoyable.

But if you are a serious goose hunter that wants to hunt with the decoy that gets the best results, the DropZone is the best buy on the market. The black on the head and tails and the white on the tails are flocked. Again, more cost, but the most real looking decoys on the market, bar none!

That statement is claimed by more that one other customer decoy manufacture, but we give you a money back guarantee, if you promptly use them and are not satisfied that the DropZones will out decoys all the rest.

Read the testimonies and read the thoughts of the many satisfied hunters who have purchased DropZones and experience the results for themselves.

Of course the best way to know you are buying the best, is to buy and experience the DropZone phenomenon for yourself.

You will be glad you did!

You will then be entering the 'DropZone'! "

Paul Sullivan,
Head Guide for Burbank Goose and engineer for Aero Outdoors