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New DropZone Goose Decoy Heads

DropZone's shown above: Sentry, Feeder, Grass Feeder and Rester. DropZone Elites: The 2 new head positions brought quick success on a very warm, sunny day. DropZones made the difference! You can see that the picture was taken into the sun with no shine on the decoys. Serious Decoys for Serious Hunters.... who want success ALL season long!

Our decoys look like the real thing in all weather conditions!
Notice on other decoy manufactures sites, they do not show a lot of real birds & decoys.

DropZone Elite: Rester
A really great looking decoy !
The body of the sentry has been slightly modified to a very realistic position.
The feet and base are the same as the sentry. The triangle convex base is extremely stable in winds.

Dimensions: 28" long x 21" high x 10 1/2 wide
base is 13" wide along the front edge.
(Length is from tip of tail to end of bill.)

DropZone Elite: Grass Feeder
Typically 'grass feeder'.
Not wary, just concentrating on eating!
Notice the new walking position of the feet.
The base is the same, except the feet have been repositioned.

This will add more realism and a different look in the decoys.
Dimensions: 28 1/2" long x 14 1/2"high x 10" wide. Base is 13" wide along the front edge.

Our unique base style (very stable) is a triangle, with the long 13" leading edge toward the front, with a convex shape that enables the decoy to adjust to unlevel ground. Just cover the leading edge in high winds for extra stability.

The new decoy poses will be available fall 2004, except for those who have pre-ordered, who will be receiving them first before main season starts.
The current poses are available now. The sentry and regular feeder (or grain feeder).
Quality and the precision in the decoys take time. Plus there have been some circumstances beyond our control. We apologize for any delays in shipment.