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DropZone: Trailering Example

Below are pictures of Paul's Trailer.

The shelf frame was formed out of tubing and attached to the walls of the trailer.
This frame is easily removed, if needed.

The semi-permanent shelving is 'U' shaped.

Enough of a lip was left on the support shelves, to support the 2 removable shelves.

To fill the trailer, you would fill from the back of the trailer, then add the center pieces, and fill till the shelves are full.

Notice that all of the decoy are in their protective bags.

Paul does not travel long distances, so his decoys are not stabilized. Some have stabilized the feet for long travel distances with bungee cords, clamps and twist latches to hold the decoys firmly in place.

End of trailer full.

Decoys partially removed.

The 2 removable shelves in the center have been removed
There is another shelf the center that can be removed also, for better access to the very back of the trailer.

Paul leaves the decoy bags on till the decoys are in the field, then removes them. Then he does the reverse when picking up the decoys. He puts the bags on the decoys in the field. This prevents dirt from getting on the decoys.