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Paul Sullivan's hunting experience & tips

...from postings on the refuge forum.

03-11-2006, 03:50 PM #42
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Everyone on here has some good points. And they all make sense if you understand that everyone has a different situation that they find themselves in when they hunt geese. The large spreads of black silos will work, the bigfoots will work, the GHGs will work, the DSs will work , the HCs will work and the DropZones will work. The thing that separates the need for a particular decoy is your situation. A case in point is the Feb.. hunt I went on in Co lo. The norm was to put out 250 full bodies. At that time in the season, this spread wasn't working too good. We went in with 6 doz. DropZones and had a couple of good hunts. Does that mean that the GHG's and BFs don't work? of course not. This was a particular situation that called for a different setup! So does that mean this is the only way to hunt geese in this situation? NO!

By the way, the reason to use a realistic decoy is not to make up for a poor blind or someone moving. It is to fool decoy shy geese. Most hunters that I have seen, use more decoys to offset the poor pit or blind. It is just the opposite in my situation. I use a certain decoy because I make my hunters completely disappear. I just don't want to put out 200 or 300 decoys. By using the DropZone, I am putting out a decoy that lets me hunt with a minimum of decoys and still gives us limits [ 4 goose limit] on a consistent basis. I know that the DropZone and the DSD can't compete with the BF cost wise, but for durability, the DropZone is unequaled due to the quality and thickness of the plastic and no base to filly fart around with. Also the most expensive decoys are that way because of the time it takes to paint and flock the decoys to make them look like geese.

The main reason that I use a certain decoy (DropZones) is because I want to finish every flock to a backwing. Any decoy is capable of bringing geese over the spread and with good calling and a decent hide, you can shoot a lot of geese without having them truly finish. That doesn't mean they are a better or worse hunter, they just do it a different way. To each his own and I say whatever works for you, just do it!!!!!!!!! Paul
( I hunt in high competitive situations and with the same geese and same fields.I designed the DropZones to work every day, all season long. Stuffers just did not cut it. They looked great for a while, and did not hold up to the elements. That is why I desinged the DropZone's to replace stuffers. They have sure made hunting a lot more enjoyable. Less decoys to put out and the geese love 'em, therefore so do my hunters at Burbank Guide Service Of course I pay extreme attention to complete hides and details that set a good hunt apart from a great hunt..)