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Currently we offer Decoy Bags, Decoy Dancers, and Calendars.

Game Strap- Carry 6 birds with ease. Shown folded in half.

91600 Aero Game Strap- Every hunter needs a couple. Great gift too.
Floats! Slight curve in center padded section hugs shoulder or neck.Comfortable & useful. Webbing strap for hand in center, or attach to?
Game Strap Folded- Holds 6 birds & makes transport easier. Reg 7.99
Now $5.99
Old Style Maximus Deadly Duck Blinds
Make the load lighter & easy to carry. Padded center with non-slip bottom surface. Floats when not filled with birds.
Heavy Duty metal D-rings have 3 varied length straps on each side.
Just slip a loop of the HD webbing into the small end D-ring, then adjust as needed to secure the birds head.


E Z-Open Knife- Versitle knife for cleaning birds and animals.
"I have tried it, and the curved blade made skinning ducks and geese very easy!
This can be a tough task...but no longer with the new knife!" SS

916 E Z-Open Knife. Every hunter needs one in their bag! Great gift too.
Works for game and more. Great additioin to any kitchen drawer too.
Made by Gerber, to last. Top quality steel that holds the edge..
E-Z Knife for Game cleaning Reg 39.99
Now $19.99
Old Style Maximus Deadly Duck Blinds

For your ultimate lightweight skinning tool Gerber Legendary Blades flagship item for 2009 is expected to be extremely popular for Big Game Hunters, Waterfowlers and Fisherman alike.  This tool is a GUT HOOK ON STERIODS...

Invented and field tested by professional hunter Rick Young.  The E-Z Open Metolius is 9” long and made from 440A Stainless Steel with a firmly embedded composite ball for guiding the blade between the animal skin and muscle structure. 

By cutting from the inside outward in long continuous cuts, the tool ensures clean cuts and eliminates problems with opening the entrails during field dressing. This is an excellent tool for many purposes with safety built in not added on. Check it out the low price will shock you and the results will please you for many years.




Hunting Heritage Calendars make a great gift,

For a donation, of $15.00 (including shipping) .
  1 Calendar
2 Calendars
2 Calendars
Christmas Special Includes Shipping & Handling
3 Calendars
4 Calendars
5 Calendars