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Ure-Glue Information

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Our GLUE makes the difference... Make your efforts last....use Aero Ure-Glue with your flock for a long lasting professional finish. 
Think Gorilla Glue- it is strong and tough- has the same base component of Urethane, but different formula for Ure-Glue

Aero compounds Aero Ure-glue or adhesive in-house, with our secret recipe! Urethane properties
Use Aero Ure-Glue as a glue or adhesive for crafts, dolls, fishing poles, decoys and ???
EASY to use-no strong fumes, since it is not solvent based, plus it dry's to touch in a couple hours, and cures out in a few days.
Water based for ease of use and totally water-proof when cured. Designed for plastic decoys...and it works! (toughest application)

In testing, no other glue was as scratch resistant as Aero's- .especially rustoleum paint.
Most flock adhesives are meant for flat surfaces, predominantly crafts, + they are typically solvent based-requires respirator..

Combine Aero Ure-Glue with Aero flocking. Aero stocks the common colors for the outdoor industry.
Aero Ure-Glue works on almost all surfaces, which will accept an adhesive or paint. Paint is not an adhesive!
Some surface preparation may be needed.

Aero-Ure-Glue can ship express, and the others tested cannot, due to the solvent base.
Ure-Glue offers you all the benefits of urethane:

  • Urethane base creates a tough abrasion/scratch resistant surface. Durable-long lasting.
  • Great adhesion properties with special additives, to stick to plastic decoys prepared surface. Works on most surfaces.
  • Improved glue strength. Does not checker or crack like paint. Does not become brittle.
  • Does not break down when outdoors. UV resistant.
  • Flexibility. Elasticity to adjust to plastic as it shrinks/expands with temperature changes. Resilience. Flexible elastomer.
  • Waterproof when cured. Other water based adhesive without urethane as the base should be used for indoor items.
  • Available in multiple colors! Colored glue to match the flocking.  This gives increase color dept and covers faded paint, etc.
  • Improved drying time.  Longer time to accept fibers, yet tack set in two (2-3+) hours, and ready to hunt in 24-36+ hours. Full cure 36 hours. (Time can vary due to temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Not hazardous, environment friendly and more user friendly like most other solvent based adhesives..
  • No strong fumes.Not solvent based with strong fumes,
  • Easy to apply. Brushes are water cleanup before it cures. Place brush in water during the application process. Dispose of after use, if you cannot clean the brush.
See the glue test results below...Aero WON!!
Aero-Ure-Glue WINS !! See Pictures at the bottom of page, Below: Glue Testing pictures and information: Click
The glue did not scratch, and the flock stayed on.
Comparison page link: Aero Ure-Glue and Rustoleum Paint.
Rustoleum paint High Performance Flat Black Label copy of text
Copy of actual label (from Rustoleum web site-very small text, hard to read-see copy of text to read

Use and Storage:  Most users find that one application of /glue flocking fibers is adequate.
Glue has body so it will not run & so it will accept the fibers. Apply fibers quickly before the surface tension sets up.
Gently stir glue well before using- do not create bubbles.  Make sure all precipitated color particles are dispersed. 
If precipitated, suggest turning the jar/bottle over a every day, for a few days before use.

Tack set to gentle touch in 2-4 hours.Thunk/ Hit the item to shake loose excess fibers. Gently blow off any remaining fibers; not with air pressure hose, until cured.
Clean up all excess fibers, especially if changing to another color, to prevent mixed colorations.
Full cure is 4 days or so, depending upon application thickness, humidity and temperature.
To expedite cure, place a fan on item for air movement- suggest med speed.
Apply & Store room temperature- 70 degrees apx. Keep covered when not using to prevent curing.
Suggest pouring out small quantities for immediate use.

Do not: eat, drink, directly in-hale or leave on skin long term.
Do not thin with water past 5% of volume.  Thin to apply via airless sprayer. Lower pressure & check application thickness.
Do not FREEZE since it is water base. After dry/cured it is almost as hard as nails & waterproof!

Application Tips: Quick recap- long instructions included.
How many coats? One is sufficient in most cases with brush. For spraying on, 1 thin coat, then another + flock fibers.
Apply evenly-do not over lap brush strokes; the thicker glue areas will absorb more fibers, making the surface shiny & not fuzzy.
Apply only as much glue as you can apply fibers to in apx 8min. Do next application location, then with a bright light examine the previous for shinny spots or glue absorption. Apply more fibers immediately on shinny spots- dust/pat.
Preparation of surface is critical. Wash/Degrease, sand as needed & apply.Do not handle with hand oils. IF paint is coming off more prep will be needed.
Always to a test spot. Apply quickly after surface prep to prevent contamination. More info in instructions.
Brushes can be placed in water during application, to keep from quick set up, but eventually glue on brushes will set up.
Invest in good artist brushes that hold the glue and create a good line. Practice. A good brush can make 100% difference in the application when making lines/edges.
Some angled straight edges work great. Use what works for you. Variety packs available at Walmart & art stores.

Buy Bulk Glue: Colors

All sizes come in the specified bottles, but 20 oz comes in 16 oz bottle + a 4 oz wide jar, for easy brush application.
Clear, Black, White, Em Green, Cream, Beige, Clay, Med. Mud Brown, Dark Brown, Light Gray, Med Gray, Dark Gray

How much? Suggest for 16 oz flock fibers (by weight), buy a 20 oz glue (sold by volume) so you will not run out!.
What color glue?
For sold block colors use same color. Important for goose black, etc to give excellent finish & hide some wear spots.
For feathers, suggest using a compatible lighter or darker color to add a slight color variation/mottle look- more realistic.

Clear Glue - Looks milky whiter, but dries clear. Buy 20 oz (by volumbe) to match 1Lb of fibers (sold by volume)
30004 4 ounces- not available - discontinued $7.99 Uew-glue clear
30008 8 ounces not available - discontinued $11.99 Uew-glue clear
30016 16 ounces not available - discontinued $19.99 Uew-glue clear
30020 20 ounces ( 16 oz bottle + 4 oz wide mouth jar) BEST BUY not available - discontinued $22.99 Uew-glue clear
Black Magic Glue- holds more fibers longer!
31004 4 ounces $9.99
31008 8 ounces $13.99
31016 16 ounces $24.99
31020 20 ounce - Best size for 1 pound of fibers
31064 1 Gallon $109.99
Green Glue- Emerald
32004 4 ounces $10.99 flocking flue
32008 8 ounces $14.99 flocking glue
32016 16 ounces $24.99 flocking glue
32020 20 ounces
$28.99 Flocking glue
White Glue - Stir well before using.  White has the largest color particles which precipitates the most. Stir well gently-slowly,
33004 4 ounces $10.99
33008 8 ounces $14.99
33016 16 ounces $25.99
33020 20 ounces
$28.99 Ured-Glue - best for decoys and flocking
Cream -( Off White)- Use under white flock for Canada Goose Cheek Patch for realism
34004 4 ounces $10.99 Flocking glue adhesive
34008 8 ounces $14.99 flocking gluE ADHESIVE
34016 16 ounces $25.99 Flocking GLUE ADHESIVE
34020 20 ounces $28.99 Flocking GLUE ADHESIVE
Beige Glue
34104 4 ounces $10.99 super duper flocking glue
34108 8 ounces $14.99 special flocking glue
34116 16 ounces $25.99 Colored special tone for flocking glue
34120 20 ounces $28.99 Colored special tone for flocking glue
Clay Glue- Black Duck Base and ??
35004 4 ounces $10.99 Clay Aero Ure-Glue Adhesvie
35008 8 ounces $14.99 Clay Aero Ure-Glue Adhesvie
35016 16 ounces $25.99 Clay Aero Ure-glue adhesive glue
35020 20 ounces $28.99 Clay Aero Ure-glue adhesive glue
Mud Brown Glue- Medium dark brown
35104 4 ounces $10.99 best on the market
35108 8 ounces $14.99 Aero GLue  super duper the bst on the market
35116 16 ounces $25.99 Aero-Glue super duper best on the market
35120 20 ounces $28.99 Aero-Glue super duper best on the market
Dark Brown Glue
35204 4 ounces $10.99 Aero products are the best on the market
35208 8 ounces $14.99 mud brown glue adhesive best on the market
35216 16 ounces $25.99 Mud brown glue adhesive
35220 20 ounces $28.99 Mud brown glue adhesive
Light Gray Glue
36004 4 ounces $10.99
36008 8 ounces $14.99
36016 16 ounces $25.99 buy aero outdoors adhesive for flocking
36020 20 ounces $25.99
Med Gray Glue
36104 4 ounces $10.99
36108 8 ounces $14.99
36116 16 ounces $25.99 Buy Aero Outdoors glue or adhesive for flocking and other uses
36120 20 ounces $28.99
Dark Gray Glue
36204 4 ounces $10.99 aero Ure-Glue
36208 8 ounces $14.99 Aero Ure-Glue
36216 16 ounces $25.99 Aero Urea-Glue
36220 20 ounces $25.99 Aero Urea-Glue
Custom Color Glue
20999-16 16 or 20 ounces surcharge for custom mix. $20.00 custom color glue
20999-1 gal 1 Gallon surcharge for custom mix. $25.00
Other colors upon request. Pricing will be quoted.    
Same Day # 1000 Same Day Order Expedite FEE: Place an order and ship the same day, if doable before freight is picked up.
Most orders will ship in 2-4 days. Subject to availability. Shipping fees will be additional
During freezing weather, if glue is only shipped on Monday
$6.00 Same Day Shipping - Basic
Next Day-Express #2000 Same day Order Expedite FEE for express shipping: We will run order to the airport.
State in comment box your choice: Next Day 10am or noon , next Day, 2nd Day and some third Day (depending upon the area). subject to availability.
The quicker the delivery, the more the cost. Shipping fees are not included, but additional to the expedite fee..
$11.00 VF flocking touch up - Basic
Flat Rate Shipping Chart for Flocking products above for 48 states, standard ground. Extra for Hawaii and Alaska..
Greater than Less than Shipping* Price is..
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$ 50.01 $ 70.00

$ 16.50

$ 70.01 $ 100.00 $ 17.50
$100.01+ Price to be determined at shipping*
$ 180+ Standard Shipping is FREE in 48 states.
* Shipping pricing after $100 is checked to give the customer the best pricing.
Products are shipped typically in 3 business days after receipt of order during season (Oct-Jan), or sooner. Glue is ship only on Monday for during extreme cold weather. Shipped once a week off season.
$10.00 fee for COD orders. International orders will be charged actual shipping costs, plus $3.00 for extra packaging and paperwork. Expedited shipping is available, but extra fees apply. Same day shipping for $5.00 extra, if possible.

Estimate of coverage:

Glue: Suggest 20 oz glue (sold by volume, for 16 oz flock fibers 9sold by weight)
Glue is sold by volume and flock by weight. Flock volume is 2x+ greater than weight.
4 oz flock Does apx 12- 36 heads depending upon size and application.
8 oz flock Does apx goose 50 heads, depending upon size and application
16 oz flock Does apx 85 goose heads, depending upon size and application.
Glue Testing pictures and information: Click
Testing was done with a slotted screwdriver being dragged over the sample Glue and Glue/Flock strip swatches evenly.
Flocking strip is on top of the glue only strip below, in the test. The surface was prepared the same on all samples.
See the long sample strip.
Aero Ure-Glue is the most durable Not as good as Ure-Glue- rustemoum paint & not a glue/adhesive

Ure-Glue & Rustoleum
Solvent base glue in cans Greenhead gear glue is not strong      
Aero-Ure-Glue WINS !!
The glue did not scratch, and the flock stayed on.
Flock came off along with top surface of the paint.Just the paint had some scratch residue come off too.Bad fumes & warnings.
Read label text
See full label
Flock-it,( used to be
Donjer) Glue-Common solvent based glue, found in small cans on a lot of online kits. Flock and glue scratched and came off. Bad fumes 7 warnings!
Solvent based glue in can.
Flock and glue scratched and came off. Bad fumes and solvent clean up.
Comparison page link: Aero Ure-Glue and Rustoleum Paint.
Rustoleum paint High Performance Flat Black Label copy of text
Copy of actual label (from Rustoleum web site-very small text, hard to read-see copy of text to read
Clear Aero Ure-Glue  Best for flocking and decoys