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Deadly Duck Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a Maximus Deadly Duck Blind?

When hunters need a 'tool' to be in the right location and have an effective 'hide... Deadly Duck is the answer!
Location plus concealment is big part of the duck hunting success formula. DD puts you there. (Do your part and don't move,etc.)
Fooling the ducks, brings'em in closer, enabling closer shots will produce a higher bag.....and more enjoyment too!.
Portability and ease of set up at' 0 Dark thirty', is a huge asset to any hunter. No small parts to loose either with the quick connect pins.
The Maximus Blinds are designed with the hunters in mind for shooting ease and comfort; watch the birds work the 'set up' and know when to call the shot.
Sit in comfortable chairs before standing to shoot. Seeing the birds respond to your calls and/or decoys is an awesome site!
More comfortable than layout blinds! No cold ground and chilled bones trying to respond quickly.
Buy one, and join the group of satisfied hunter who wonder why they did not buy one sooner!

Does the blind really work?

The Deadly Duck has been used for years on 'Paul's Ponds' at Burbank Guide Service, along with hunters, clubs and guide services all over the US. They have been sold to many private groups and even public hunting sites for years. The new 2-Man Modular is just a redesign of the older proven blinds.

The demand for the duck blinds led Aero to design a new modular version for fall 2007.
Hunters need affordable, quality tools, to assist with being successful at waterfowling.

What does modular mean?

By aligning 2 blinds side by side, you have created a blind for 4 hunters. Blinds my be attached, if desired.
Or align 3 blinds for a 6 man blind/hunters.

The interchangeable ends allow the hunters to have doors on both ends, when aligning 2 blinds. An optional L angle frame connectors allows for clear passage between the blinds, with no EZ-Fab mesh attached. This eliminates the vertical end strut. The blinds can be used separately or together....just add EZ-FAB with zip ties as needed if you have removed the EZ-FAB mesh..

Do you have goose blinds too?

Yes we have goose blinds, but they are a different design.
The goose blind is lower to the ground and has equal slope/angles on front and back, plus the ends are sloped too. Optimum use is with a trench pit for legs, or sit on milk crate/5 gallon bucket.
The duck blinds have vertical ends (no slope), and the front is sloped greater than the back, which is also higher to allow for sitting in comfortable chairs.. Designed to be nestled into natural outcropping of weeds and brush, or works great on an open shooting area.
The Duck version's overall is higher that the goose blinds. Both can be used along or in fields.
Compare duck vs goose Maximus Blinds.

Why buy an import modular blind, when there is a US made version?

Imported Modular weighs less (easier to transport), end breaks down into 2 pieces and is less money.
The smaller panels are easier to transport in the back of a pick up or trailer. The 4 man blinds are longer and will hang slightly over a full size truck with the tail gate down.
Imports are available only in 2-Man versions.

US made are available in 2, 3, 4 & 6 man versions. IF you want a a full end door, heavier steel construction and US made, then the US version is for you.
Compare Features US made vs Import below

Are the US blinds still going to be available?

Yes the US blinds will be available, but allow 3-4 weeks for production. Longer sometimes when the hunting season starts. They are custom blinds, and therefore ordered in advance. US blinds ship in larger packages; therefore they have to be shipped via truck to a commercial address, set up for terminal pickup or for home delivery is $ 50 + more.

Why would I want a US made blind?

Only the 2-Man is available in import modular design..
The US versions have the 2, 3, 4 and 6 man, with the doors all in one piece, which do not have to be assembled.
US versions have larger access doors, which are almost the complete end. You can order a door configuration as the whole end, to allow for handicapped hunters.
Superior for handicapped hunters, and those who need more access room.
Large groups, clubs and guides prefer the 6 man, which as 2 trap/shooting doors in one frame. All one piece panels, for the entire length/frame.
Also the US version is made out of heavier steel, which is stronger. 5/8"galvanized steel for US version, versus 1/2" powder coated steel on the imported model.
What are the differences between the US made and new Modular style?
Both deliver same results, just small differences.

What are the differences between the US made and new Modular style?

BBoth deliver same results, just small differences.
  2, 4 & 6 Man versions- USA 2-MAN Modular -Import
  Proven design.
Hunters, clubs, refuges & guide services have enjoyed them for years.
New design; lighter and less expensive. Versatile.
Allows for aligning 2 blinds beside each other, with pass through. Choose which end to install the door.
End come in 2 pieces to allow for smaller shipping package.
Use as 1 alone, or put side by side for modular design.
Size 3, 4 and 6 man versions 2-Man Modular version only. Align blinds to increase hunters.
  No need to bolt blinds together for larger versions. Must blot blinds together to allow to move as one unit.
Steel 5/8" steel galvanized, Primed & dura-paint 1/2" steel with powder coat, textured.
flat dead grass
textured powder coat,
flat dead grass
Weight 86 pounds, with EZ-FAB installed on all panels. 55 pounds, with EZ-FAB installed on all panels.
Height 56" 56 1/2 " , slightly higher
Length Front length, 62 inches Front length, 62 inches
Width At bottom of end: 76 inches At bottom of end; 79 inches.
Door Almost complete end. Larger than imported design. Both ends have vertical strut for support, which also allows for the door to be installed at either end. Access door is smaller.
Interchangeable door design. During first set up, choose which end is best for the door, then zip tie the EZ-FAB on.
Ends Blind panels ALL come assembled, ready for adding camouflage and use in the field.
Ends are one piece, and not readily interchangeable.
EZ-FAB is installed on the exterior of all panels.
New design. Ends come in 2 pieces, to be put together by the user, who then attached the EZ-FAB mesh. Ends are interchangeable; user decides upon placement and style of use- stand-a-long blind or modular style where 2 blinds are aligned, with the middle ends left with no EZ-FAB to allow for pass through.
If using as stand-a-lone, install the vertical struts/triangles on both ends.
The door is attached to one strut, on the chosen end.. On the other end the vertical strut will give more support to prevent tweaking when transporting the blind.
If pass through between blinds is desired, then install the L Connectors plates, instead of the triangles and vertical strut, on the blind ends which will be aligned together.
Complete Blind comes completely ready for use, just insert the quick pins, camo and hunt. Must install the hinges, door latches, shooting door latch, assemble the ends and attach the pre-cut EZ-FAB with zip ties (included).
EZ-FAB Proven design. Long lasting and effective break up pattern. Just insert natural materials from hunt site and disappear! New improved design, based on USA originally design. Larger elongated diamonds enable easier insertion of natural materials .Improved flatter, no-shine finish.
Availability 3+ weeks  September 1, 2007 (In stock)
Ship Via truck only- due to overall size
Shipped to a commercial address or truck terminal. Extra for home delivery of $50+.
Ends are one piece.
Smaller shipping unit. The ends break down into 2 sections for shipping. Ship small package for single blinds. For multiple blinds ship via truck to commercial address. Price concessions for shipping are in place.

Handicap usage

  2, 4 & 6 Man versions- USA 2-MAN Modular -Import
  Used successfully for wheelchair hunters. Use existing door, or almost full end door, when ordering blind.
Just roll the chair over the bottom end frame and position. (this applies to both styles)
Used successfully for wheelchair hunters.
If the door does not offer enough access room, then use the opposite end from the door. Choose to use the L Brackets instead of the triangles & vertical strut. Attach the EZ-FAB mesh only on one side and pull back for access, and devise a way hook to the other side to close, which will allow the entire end for access.
Shooting Flip the shooting door out, instead of drop inside.
A low platform may be installed to roll the chair up onto, to raise the chair up, if needed. However, we have successfully used with out raising.
Suggest taking turns shooting, to offer the handicap person better opportunities, due to the limited range of motion. However we have had lots of wheelchair hunters successfully shoot from the blind. May need to devise a platform to attach chair to reduce chair movement after the shot, if needed.
Access If there is not enough room through door, then use the other end. Just attach the EZ-FAB mesh on the end and part of top, then fold back for access. Devise wire hooks or method to secure mesh on the end for camouflage. Best to flip the shooting door out before accessing the blind.
  Custom, Handicap Door:
Special Order
Almost complete end, since the door needs a vertical swing strut to attach to.
Specify hinges on Left or Right, when ordering.
Approx 54" high by 49" wide.
On the end:
Door opening width at the bottom is 43 1/2".
Front height at first angle bend is 42" high and 32 " wide at this point to the door hinge side.