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Compare Duck and Goose Blinds

Duck Blind

Duck is taller than the goose, one end is an access door (works great for the dog too), the ends are vertical, and it is not sloped as much as the goose blind in the front and rear. Can be used freestanding, but is typically nestled into natural cover along a pond's edge. However this blind has been used successfully on barges, docks and attached to boats.

The benefit of the duck blind is that it is taller, and allows for comfortable sitting inside on normal chairs. The height at its peak is 4' 8" which is 10 inches higher than the Goose Blind. The trapdoor will clear the knees of those sitting in the blind when dropped in, or it can be flipped out. The back roof is not as steeply slanted as the front roof, since it is typically nestled into local vegetation. The whole end of the blind opens towards the front, giving easy access for hunters while permitting a dog to leave without completely opening the blind.

Goose Blind

Goose is lower to blend in better when in the middle of a field and all sides have a greater slope to make it appear to be a natural pile of something that occurs in the field (must be camouflaged with the natural occurring materials from the field). This allows you to be where the action is quickly, even in the middle of fields. Many hunters and guides have been made believes that you can set this up in the middle of a field and decoy birds in very easily.

Superior to layout blinds because it allows you to shoot from a sitting position and offers great camouflage when you are in a blind. Eliminates the cold of the field, the lack of orientation from laying down and allows you to get shots off quicker before the birds flair.

The goose blind is designed to be optimally used with a dug trench pit for your feet with the hunter sitting on the ground. The Goose blind sits 3' 10", so a grown man can comfortable sit erect or slightly hunched over on a milk crate or 5 gallon plastic bucket. The back roof and front roof have almost the same pitch to the roof since the blind is use mostly by itself.

Both Blinds

Both blinds are covered with EZ-FAB, and you can easily cut holes in the fabric to permit a dog to exit the front of the blind or for a camera hole.