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We have a variety of decal sizes and styles for various applications.  Some of our decals are black and white only, some you can select if you would like black, or white.  Black would be used on a white vehicle, trailer or clear windows.  White would be used on a black vehicle, trailer, or tinted windows.

Decal Pricing

Size Code Approx. Size (inches) Black/White
White Black Color Color Fee
Standard 4" x 6" $4.00 W B   + $1.00
Small 6" x 9" $5.00 W B + $1.50
Medium Up to 12" x 12" $10.00 W B   + $1.50
Large Up to 12" x 24" $15.00 W B   + $1.50
Extra Large Up to 14" x 24" $20.00 W B   + $2.00
X-Large Special* Up to 14" x 24" $24.00 W B   + $2.00
XX-Large Up to 36" x 36" $28.00 W B   + $2.00
XX-Large Special* Up to 36" x 36" $30.00 W B   + $2.00
Black & White Bumper Sticker 4" x 12" $6.00 W B   + $1.00
Color Bumper Sticker 4" x 12" $7.00     C + $1.00
* Special: Extra fee due to extra time taken to separate the image from surrounding like material, due to the fine detail.

DropZone Elite Decals

DropZone Elite "New Breed of Decoys" (Black & White only)
Small $5.00
Medium $10.00

DropZone Elite logo Bumper Sticker (Black & White only)
Bumper Sticker $6.00

DropZone Elite Goose Head Logo (Black & White only)

X-Large shown on trailer
Small $5.00
Large $20.00
X-Large $20.00

DropZone Elite Shotgun Shell (Black & White only)
Small $5.00
Bumper Sticker $6.00

Landing Geese Decals

Photos of real geese coming into DropZone Elite Decoys! Please specify white or black decal. White is recommended for tinted windows.
X-Large Special landing decal.  Perfect for truck body panel or trailer.
Black: Face right (shown)
Black: Face left

Large landing decal.  Perfect for windows.
White: Face right    
White: Face left (shown)    

X-Large landing decal with silver leg band, face right.

X-Large landing decal with silver leg band, face left.

Cupped Wings.  Comes on large size sheet, you can position as desired.
Right (shown)    

Geese Taking Off, facing right


Geese Taking Off, facing left

FullCurl Decals

FullCurl Shotgun Shell (Black & White only)
Small $5.00
Bumper Sticker $6.00

FullCurl "If it looks like a duck" Bumper Sticker

Bumper Sticker $6.00

decal $4 buy Full Curl Decal

Other Decals

I bought these 5 years ago, and need more. They stand out and are extremely durable. Great value. Tim. KS.
Durable Attention Getters!

Highly visible and unique. Made of highest quality vinyl with long lasting UV resistant printing.

Tired of people ignoring your signs?  Get their attention fast with our new design!

Choose to have the signs mounted by us, or do it yourself.  Quick & easy if you choose.The base almost indestructible, thick, heavy duty plastic, shaped like the decal with a center hole to attach to the stake or ?.

Proven to outlast the flat plastic signs!
"I used these signs for over four years and they are still looking great.  I have never had any other signs last so long...and their effective!" - Burbank Guide Service
U-DO, attach to holder. Easy.
Qty Cost per
1-23 $3.99 ea.
24+ $3.85 ea.

Decal mounted on Heavy Duty plastic base
Size 12" x 16", Approximately 3/8" thick.

Qty Cost per
1-11 $5.85 ea.
12-23 $5.75 ea.
24+ $5.35 ea.

Customize your sign by calling us.  We also have more designs not posted here.

Specialty Bumper Stickers

Bumper Sticker $6.00

Bumper Sticker $6.00