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Calls & Lanyards

We offer Haydels Game Calls ™ and Backwing Lanyards.


For realistic sounds from a quality produced call, buy a Haydel. Hands down, best bang for the buck!
The Haydel family is one of the top leaders in the industry and some of the nicest people we have ever meet. Serious hunters, who support our industry and know the call business.  Eli Haydel's passion for waterfowl has been passed on to Rod and his family. Now it that is not enough to convince you, they are all made in the USA too!

Tips from Rod Haydel of Haydel's Game Calls.
  1. As long as the ducks are coming in, forget calling.
  2. Try calling at birds as they circle when they quarter into the wind. This will make it easier for them to set up for a landing zone into the wind.
  3. When the ducks start an erratic wing beat, hit them with a comeback call immediately to bring them back on line.
  4. If they look as if they may drift off-line, use single quacks and feed calls to bring them back online.
  5. When team calling, one person should be the leader while the others just fill in. Don't compete against yourselves.
  6. Realize that not all ducks are callable and that even real ducks do not call in all the ducks all the time.

RL099-PS DUCK CALL: Limited Edition
Paul Sullivan Signature Series, complete with Paul's signature on every call.

RL-99 "REDLEG MALLARD" : in Black with with white signature.
Acrylic short Reed with brass band.
Designed to give the finest impersonation of a "susie mallard"; this call is hand tuned by professional callers and blows wet. Double "O" ring construction insures a tight seal; while the double-reed system famous in the "DR-85" provides resonance. When the wariest of late season, migrating mallard arrive our "REDLEG" mallard call will keep them committed to your rig! Includes heavy duty lanyard.
Haydel . . . the ducks built in!
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SC-04-PS GOOSE CALL: Limited Edition
Paul Sullivan Signature Series, complete with Paul's signature on every call.

SC-04 Short Reed Canada: in Black with with white signature.
Tested for two years; the newly designed sound tunnel was developed for more "ghostly" clucks and moans. This call is crisp on the high end for long range work and features double"O" rings.
Lanyard included.
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BH-07 Black Hole Mallard

This double reed was brought about by guys begging us to keep the 25th Anniversary call in the line. Sounds great in the timber! Reports of guys filling the hole black with mallards‚ gave us the insight to offer the presentation to you.

CK2 Carbon Kwacker Double Reed Mallard

Double Reed
Awesome NEW finish. Carbon fiber, basket weave inlay.
One you will want to add to your collection, for sure!
Paul liked the sound imediately. Loud, raspy, and yet soft when needed.
The Carbon Kwacker Series gives you a call like no other. The CK2 features double reeds like our Redleg Mallard. This call has a Carbon Fiber Finish that makes it stand out in a crowd. Truly one fine looking call.

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PM-07 Pink Mallard

Girls just want to have fun....and guys too. Double reed.
Guys: make them laugh at the color but the sound will bring 'em in.
Girls: use with or with out some bling. Great conversation item! You might attract more than the ducks?

This is a double reed call like the legendary DR-85 sound.

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What better way to wear your favorite call, or accent that high quality call, than with a custom made lanyard; made to your specifications.

"My name is Jordan, and some of you may recognize the name 'Backwing' from some of the internet hunting forums. I have been making lanyards for about two years now; and have perfected a high quality, comfortable and decorative lanyard, that you will be proud to hang your best calls on. Lanyards are made from high strength, weather resistant paracord. You can choose from our variety of colors, select how many drops you want, and whether or not you would like call keepers."

  • All lanyards come braided in our trademark Backwing BraidTM, decorative knotting at the base of the neck loop, and custom numbered band.
  • Choose from our variety of colors.
  • Optional call keepers (extra loop on each drop). Don't ever lose half your call off your lanyard. Call keepers will make sure that they always stay put. Call keepers are now incorporated into lanyard for a very clean look. See full lanyard with keepers below.
  • Backwing Braid™ is wide, which provide added comfort on your neck.
  • Most lanyards are variable, and we will try to meet your needs if you have a special request.

Lanyard Models:
Shown without keepers.  Add $1.00 for each keeper.
Master Guide
Shown with keepers.  Add $1.00 for each keeper.
Guide model comes with your choice of drops, from 1-6. Master Guide model comes with your choice of drops 2, 4 or 6.

All lanyards come in three colors.  Two main colors for the outside wrap, and one highlight color for the center.