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Maximus Deadly Duck Benefits

LOCATION matters...and DD puts you there!

Knowing when to call the shot and shooting ease will increase success in the field.

Make your hunts memorable....
SEE ....and not be SEEN!
Success is enjoying your time spent in the outdoors, and having the opportunity to harvest some game adds to the success formula. Buy can be measured by numbers harvested, but also by the overall enjoyment of the experience.

Successful family hunt in a DD.**
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New Modular Blind for Fall 2007
Just add another blind, beside the first,
to increase hunters and size of blind!
Doors can be installed on either end.

**<---- "Paul's Pond"s.
See more pictures at
Burbank Guide Service web site..
."where DD make the difference".
says Paul Sullivan (honkerguide)

BUY a Deadly Duck Blind and experience the difference yourself!
Your time in the outdoors is prescious....make every moment count!

Yes... Location matters.
Success is 80% plus of just being in the right place, at the right time.
DD easily puts you not just 'IN the ZONE', but in the HOT ZONE!™
Yes... Allows you to move to another location quickly, on a daily basis! Take down panels and transport. Quick set up.
Yes... Allows quick adjustments- wind changes, etc. Hunters can respond quickly too- they can see the birds.
Yes... Allows quick moves. Easy to pick up and adjust as needed. Be where the birds want to be!
As little as 75' makes'em think it is opening day again!
Yes... You can change a new crop/color. Just add new natural materials and remove some of old camo, if needed.
Blend into the field. Step back, review from a distance and add/adjust a little as needed.
EZ-FAB acts as camo break up pattern. Just add natural vegetation to give the 3-D effect on the outside.
Yes... Offers excellent coverage...yet allows you to see the birds working your set up. Know when to call and take the shot!
Yes... Profile maters. Deadly Duck has complete coverage on all 4 sides and on top of hunters, for extra concealment.
Coverage on all sides, camoed with natural materials, turns the blind into a naturally occurring pile of ?
Pitched roof design eliminates the boxy look, gives adequate inside space for comfort before taking the shot.
Yes... Easy to camouflage. Just weave area vegetation into the EZ-FAB mesh, or slip under the included bungee cord.
The 3D effect from out side is easily achieved. Not necessary to be 100% coverage.
The EZ-FAB acts like a camo break-up pattern too, but allow great visibility to now when to call the shot!.
Yes... Wary late season birds- give them something that looks like it belongs there (natural) and it will fool'em!
The mesh with natural camouflage allows some light penetration, so the blind does not look like a solid sided blind!
This does fool the birds.....just be quiet and now how to 'work' the birds-when to call and work your Flutter-Wing action decoy!
Yes... Deadly Duck is easy to hunt from.
Pick your target, rise, take a step forward, shoot and watch where your birds lands. The closer shots are more productive!
Yes... Easy to access, sit in comfort and shoot from. Large entrance/ end access door and 3-way trap shooting door.
Young to experienced hunters love the Deadly Duck Blind.
Many have called it the 'ideal duck blind'!.
Yes... Deadly Duck will hold all of your necessary tools/accessories or 'stuff' ,along with your trusty retriever.
Plenty of space for blind bag, calls, extra ammo, etc
Yes... Deadly Duck is a great investment. Lasts for years.
Rugged powder coated steel, with textured Dead Grass color to blend into most settings.
Yes... Deadly Duck is a great VALUE. Unique design at great price.