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Maximus Blinds have been featured in many videos and TV shows. Get your today!
Burbank Guide Service has used various prototypes for over 5 years, with only having to re-secure the EZ-FAB mesh. The goose design has not changed.
These blinds have dramatically increased Burbank's success, and the success continues..... Sure beats struggling up from a lay-out blind.
Great visibility and shooting comfort. Rising from a sitting position allow for a quicker response/shots = accuracy. Hunters love hunting from a Deadly Duck, duck or goose!.

Honker Goose Blind

Custom blinds for success in the fields.
Superior to lay-out blinds!
Maximus™ Honker Goose™ Blind™ Made in USA 5/8" galvanized steel, painted and sealed with flat, no-shine Dead Grass color..

Puts you were the action is! Quick and easy. Blends into the field by appearing to be a pile of??? natural occuring crop or brush.
Casts not shadows, like man made box, fabrci or other styles of blinds. .
All sides have equal degree of slope , to resemble a pile of ?? in the field- when natural camo is used.
Designed to be used with trench pit for feet; most sit on milk crates or 5 gallon buckets so the field does not have holes.
IF you want action in the middle of a field, but not in a lay out blind....then buy a Maximus Honker Blind.
Easier on the hunters, than lay outs. Quicker shooting, since you do not have to raise up from lying down.
Give the birds a natural look and fool them! Very heavy duty for years of service.

Works great in any spot the geese want to be....location is the key....the Honker puts you there!
Use the blind professionals and serious hunters use. Guide services rave about how the customers lover the Honker blind.

If you want a custom one piece blind for 3, 4 or 6 hunters...then buy a blind made in USA.

Includes Rugged Blind Frame panels with quick connector locking pins & EZ-FAB Blind™ Material.
5/8 steel tubing, primed & painted with extremely durable paint ( outdoor) flat dead grass color.
EZ-FAB Mesh has UV additives for extra long out door life, HD ties and quite hinges and door latches.
Use only HD ties with UV treatment, to secure the mesh to the panels. Standard weight ties quickly become brittle in the elements.
(End Size: 45" high at peak, and 79" wide bottom) No floor or bottom. Use 5 gal buckets or dig a foot trench for best comfort.
  3-Man Honker Blind 6' 6" long top opening. 71 pounds approx. $650.00**out of stock for this season
  2ea/3-Man Honker Blind 6’ 6” long top opening $1250.00out of stock for this season
  4-Man Honker Blind 8’ 10” long top opening $740.00out of stock for this season
  6-Man Honker Blind 13' 6” long top opening (1 access door on end. Opens to the front of blind.) $950.00 out of stock for this season
  Custom addition: Extra Door on other end of Honker blind
Make access easier-have access on both ends, for an additional charge.
$125.00 Hunting blind- extra door
Blind comes in one piece; therefore it is shipped via truck. No additional assemble needed.

Connection Method. If you are planning on using this blind as a permanent or semi-permanent for the season and desire nuts and bolts for connectors, please state this in the comments. Then the nuts and bolt package will be substituted for the quick connect pins.
Deposit charge on USA made blinds.
50% of the blind cost will be posted to your card when the order is placed, before fabrication starts. Or mail a check for the deposit.  Upon receipt of your order, a freight quote will be given to you along with scheduled ship date.  Shipped only via truck, due to the size, to a commercial address.
Check out the 2-Man Modular Deadly Duck Blinds which are more affordable and sturdy, before you by a USA blind.
Buy a USA for custom features, other wise we recommend a 2-Man Modular Deadly Duck (add blinds to increase hunters.)
**Pre-Season Special for Goose USA made Blinds:
Order before August 1 and receive up to a 5%* discount* on all blinds!
* 5% Discount if paid via check (send deposit with order and balance 2 weeks before shipment.)
* 2% if paid via credit card.
50% of amount due upon order, balance due, including freight/shipping fees, will be posted to your credit card prior to shipping (or must be paid in advance with a check).
Rush orders will have an expedite fee, when we can fulfill the ship date (for OT and weekend fees to process).
The blinds are shipped via truck, due to overall size. We check multiple carriers for best rate using our discounts.
Please choose a' real' commercial address (not home business), to eliminate home delivery charges of approx. $50-$70+ extra.

Why they work: Location-the right location when you need a blind.
The birds come in closer because the blinds do not cast shadows and look like a natural appearing pile of ? in the field.
Shooting ease. The wide shooting door & rising from a sitting position allows for ease of getting quicker more accurate shot off.
Plus they are portable. They can be quickly moved from one side of the pond to the other side. Or pick up and rotate as needed.
Lead time for Goose USA blinds are 2 to 4 weeks, or longer depending upon demand and shop time available.