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Buy Maximus Blinds Blinds: Goose & Deadly Duck

LOCATION...The Deadly Duck puts you there!
Our blinds have been featured in many videos and TV shows. Get yours today!

Burbank Guide Service has used various prototypes for over 8 years, and the success dramatically increased! The hunters love sitting in comfortable chairs and watching the birds in action.
Sure beats struggling up from a lay-out blind. with only having to re-secure the EZ-FAB mesh.

A hunter favorite. Great visibility to know when to call the shot. Shooting ease- can quickly rise from a sitting position.
Be on target = accuracy. Hunters love hunting from a Deadly Duck, duck or goose!.

DUCK 2-Man Modular Deadly Duck™ Blind

Maximus™ Duck Series of Blinds. One Blind holds 2 hunters and dog. Align to increase hunters.

2-Man Modular, used on "Paul's Ponds", at the Burbank Guide Service

Be in the right LOCATION. Be where the birds want to be, or were yesterday. Portable, quick easy set up. Quick connect pins for thru panels, for a 15 min or less set up/take down.
Modular: Add blinds to increase hunters. 2 blinds aligned = 4 hunters. 3 blinds = 6 hunters.
Designed to hunt comfortably with 2 hunters and a dog. (Will 3 fit. :( Some have squeezed 3 small/skinny guys, but it is not recommend.)
Place stacked panels in truck bed or on trailer to your next HOT spot!

Unique 3-Way Trap-shooting door
: Large opening & easy shooting. Door flips out, drops inside or leave open and brush up opening for early season.
Very quiet 3-way trap door and access door to not flair birds- all have no-noise rubber components. End is an easy exit for dog for retrieving.
EZ-FAB Mesh™ acts as camo break up pattern. To camouflage the blind, insert natural materials from location. Knotted mats recommended for the top panel only, which goes over the heads. Natural materials allow for light penetration and makes the blind appear like a natural pile of ?????

Includes: Very sturdy, durable blinds- designed to stand up to the daily use of a guide service.
Completely fabricated front, top, back and trap door panels with EZ-FAB attached, but they are cut in the middle to allow for folding over for shipping; and need to have the middle connectors on the top and bottom attached to create a rigid panel. Need to assemble end frames & attach EZ-FAB Mesh, hinges & latches. Can choose to change end access side, or choose to have open end(s) for pass through in the center blind when 3 are aligned. Then attach the EZ-FAB on the outside of the ends, along with the hinges and latches.
Frame: Strong heavy- duty powdered-coated square steel tubing. Flat, textured durable finish in Dead Grass color.
Extra nuts/bolts for permanent set up (instead of quick connector pins),
Extra zip ties to attach EZ-FAB Mesh & natural camo, 50 ft bungee cord to hold natural camo on blind.
4 stakes to secure. Use more stakes to protect from wind blow over and if the camo becomes wet (then heavy).

UDATED: 2-Man Deadly Duck. Re-designed.
New Instructions     Tips for assembly  After first assembly, quick pin set up is about 8-15 min.
* NEW Slip Fit panel section connectors, used when fabricating blind. Replaces L-Bracket.
   Stronger & easier. Just unfold section, slip on the connectors & install 2 nuts/bolds.
* NEW 4 stakes, instead of 2. (make sure you stake blind adequately- to prevent wind blow overs)
* NEW wider hunter access door. 30% large; almost the entire end.
* Shooting trap door is larger too; make shooting easier.
* Blind is also taller for easier access and comfort inside.
* Increased number of zip ties for attaching natural camo.
* Ends need to be assembled. Other panels just need the connectors.

2-man Modular Deadly Duck Blind - Fits two hunters, dog & gear- with comfort!


*Sales Tax will added for Wa. State Residents

72022 One 2-Man Deadly Duck Blind *. +Shipping is extra- apx $40-70 ea to home. Business is less. 1 Blind
Old Style Maximus Deadly Duck Blinds
& Ship
Same as above, but shipping is included *
(Only for the Continental 48 states. Extra fees to Hawaii, Canada and Alaska. International delivery will have to be quoted.) Limited Offer .

1 Blind

Old Style Maximus Deadly Duck Blinds
72022-2 Two, 2-Man Deadly Duck Blind: align 2 blinds for 4 MAN Blind *
+Shipping is extra- apx $40-70 ea to home. Business is less.
2 Blinds
Old Style Maximus Deadly Duck Blinds
72022-2 & Ship Same as above, but shipping is included *
(Only for the Continental 48 states. Extra fees to Hawaii, Canada and Alaska. International delivery will have to be quoted.) Limited Offer .

2 Blinds

Old Style Maximus Deadly Duck Blinds
72022-3 Best Buy *.
Buy THREE 2-Man Deadly Ducks; use separately or align to make a 6-Man Blind.
Reg $899.97 Just align the blinds. Can leave ends of the middle for pass through.
Shipping is extra.
3 Blinds
Old Style Maximus Deadly Duck Blinds

2-man Modular Deadly Duck Details.
Align 2 blinds= 4 man; Align 3 blinds = 6 man

Blind Specs/Size:
62" long across the front and 77" wide along the bottom on the end.
End Panels: 54 " high at peak,. Shooting trap 3-way door clears knees 6'2" guy in director chair.
Blind Weighs 65 pounds boxed w/accessories; Blind alone weighs 55 pounds with no camouflage.
Not Included: Chairs & floor. Made in China
Strongly suggest Director Chair style, with taught seats, for ease of shooting to rise up & comfort.

Ships in Box 52 " x 32 " x 7 " box (blind & accessories). Rated as Oversized #1 box= additional surcharge. (Older style was oversized #2). Commercial business are less than residential.
Shipped Small Package: UPS or Fed EX. Freight range is $58+ west coast to aprox. $95+ to east coast, depending upon location. Extra for residential, fuel, etc.
Best rate is to buy 6+ plus blinds, shipped via commercial/freight truck for better rate per blind. Get your buddy to order with you! We will always check rates to get you the best deal possible. Ship via truck to a certified commercial/business location, or pick up at Fed Ex terminal. Truck delivery to a residence is $60 to $90 or more if rural-rural, which increases the fuel charges too..
Extra fees for Canada shipments; if you do not have a bro kerr, we can arrange for a broke. For Canada shipments, we can only quote basic fees, and not custom charges, VAT etc which are charged on the Canada side and payable by the customer.. If the item(s) are refused and returned, all shipping expenses will be deducted from the goods, along with return fees.

After out of box assembly, about 12-20 minutes field set up. Take down 10 min.
Field use, attach Quick pin connectors at 2 locations on each corner, & on the top stable panel.
Suggest attaching connectors with a wire to blind frame to keep in place.
Easy to transport by removing quick connector pins and stacking panels.
Ensure panels are supported with plywood or ?, to keep from tweaking.

1st set up, out of box.
Allow 1-2 hours for initial assembly, on a hard clean surface. 1-2 hours for initial camouflage too.
Blind comes with all panels assembled, except ends, but frame on assembled panels are cut & folded, to fit shippable
For assembled panels, slip a sleeve connector over the frame center cut ends and install a screw/bolt on each end to finish assembly.
Ends assembly: Choose which side for the door. Lay the end frames out per the instructions and install the frame connectors.
Install the door frame & hinges. Attach the EZ-F ab Mesh to the out side of the blind. Make sure it is the out side!
Attach the door hinges to the blind end.
Some choose to permanently attach the blinds panels. Can move intact with care on trailers/truck beds, well secured, from center to edge of fields/field storage

Camouflage Tip:
Attached 2 rows of bungee cord horizontally across each panel. Bungee is shipped with each blind.
Place the lines at apx 1/3 points on vertical panels. Secure at one end & weave in and out the mesh.
Stretch taunt ( about 12" past the end), cut and secure/tie to the other side.
When attaching the bungee cord, attach/tie securely on one end and then stretch about 12 inches past the end and cut.
Use zip ties to secure natural camo on the flip door, to hold it securely.
You will have great hunt success using the natural occurring material from your setting. Weave in, tuck behind the bungee and secure with zip ties. This material will allow light penetration, just like a natural occurring agriculture/land structure in the location. This will not give off shadows or reflect light.

Tools Required for 1sr out of box assembly: Wrenches are not included.
A 10mm socket to insert into electric screwdriver or drill. (Superior to ratchet wrench) Plus 10mm end wrench. (Or 2 each, 10 mm socket ratchet wrenches.)
All panels are completely assembled with EZ-FAB Mesh attached, except the ends( access door end and opposite end). Must connect all the panel frame connectors, etc.
FIrst time it takes a couple hours +/- to install all the connectors. After initial assembly, it only takes minutes in the field with quick connect pins.

Deadly Duck Floor- (the ground works in most situations.)

Floor comes in four sections of treated exterior outdoor 1/2" plywood in four pieces to attach to the 2 x 4's the buyer supplies. Included are the blind end secure straps (8 + 1 extra) and the coated phillips head screws with auger point for easy insertion into the 2 x 4's. The boards are predrilled and a few extra screws are included.

The floor pieces are primed, painted with a special silica sand impregnated for added traction, and finally a mist coat of brown is added to the Dead Grass base color, to add variance/camo in the floor. Hunter can add more spray paint to customize to your setting, or cover with local sand or? IF you want another floor color, we may be able to accommodate you!

Size: Are made apx 2 inches wider on both sides and 4 inches on the front and back, to secure the blind to the floor.

If you are going to use these in a modular assembly, with 3 blinds aligned, we can trim the sides slightly to allow them to but up to another.

Customer must assemble complete blinds by inserting auger treated screws into the 2 x 4's. The holes are pre-drilled on the panels.

Customer must supply the seven 2 x 4 x 8 boards for each 2-Man blind, for support under the floor, before the floor can be used. Boards can be trimmed to length or left long for additional access into the blind, but the floor will not cover them. If not aligning the blinds, some trim the all the 2 x 4s, or push them to one side so hunters will not trip on them along the door edge. We suggest leaving the outside boards on both ends full length and then center them. The outside boards can be used to lift and secure the blind on the ground and one end can be attached to, to pull the blind like a sled.

Hunters must further secure the blind with stakes to the ground to keep the blind from rolling over in high winds.
See the options below. Ships as oversized box 10 x 31 x 42.

Prices subject to change due to cost of material increases.

73000 2-man Deadly Duck Floor.  1/2" CD exterior plywood & 3/4 steel tubing.  Weight: 88 lbs. $
73001 2-man Deadly Duck Floor.  1/2" pressure treated plywood (longer lasting in the outdoors) & 3/4 steel tubing.  Weight: 90 lbs. $  

2-man Deadly Duck Floor. Detailed instructions for cutting the blind floor, blind frame metal secure straps and treated phillip head screws. Hardware is not painted. Purchaser must supply 2 sheets of plywood + seven 2 x 4 x 8. There will be some extra plywood left over, but one sheet is not enough! We suggest using treated lumber for the outdoors, and this is designed for 1/2", but heavier sheets of plywood can be used, with possibly fewer 2 x 4's too.


Older Style Deadly Duck Blinds.


For older blinds with triangles on the ends (Prior to 2010)
Extra Parts needed to join 3 binds to make a 6 man blind, if 3 blind package is not purchased.
2 Extra L-Connectors for center blind to allow for clear pass through & to permanently bolt/attach 3 blinds together= 6 man blind.
This allow pass through on both ends of the blind into the middle blind.
(Enough L-Connectors included with 2 blinds = 4man blind, but not the 6 man or 3 blinds together..)
This eliminates the vertical support strut on both ends of middle blind. Painted. Made in USA.

2 Pieces
Old Style Maximus Deadly Duck Blinds