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EZ-FAB™ & Maximus Blind™ Accessories

Buy extra supplies for your hunt. Be prepared and ready!
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72522 Duck Blind tie 100 in a Bag, EXTRA Heavy Duty (HD)Wire Ties -
         8" long by 9/32"wide, Heavy Duty Ties- thicker & stronger than standard ties..
They are wider, thicker and therefore stronger. Not a standard spec found in stores.
Use to attach EZ-FAB mesh to the blind frames and for adding camo.
They will outlast standard wire or Zip ties.
HDuty eliminates replacing them frequently.
Can be spray painted with flat camo paint, to blend into blind..

Black w/UV Filter; thick for longer life too.
Easy grip and advanced closure.
$16.50 Duck Hunt blind
  These are the best we can find! Not too long-most are about 25" long at this width and therefore more expensive!
: Save yourself a lot of time and frustration by using our heavy weight ties. Thinner ties break easily and are the weakest point on the blinds, especially if left outdoors all year long.

TIP: Rotate the secured tie to the outside of blind, away from hunters, jackets, etc. If the edge edge is sharp, burn to melt away sharpness.
Tip & Warning: The cut/trimmed edges can be sharp and may produce cuts, especially in the cold.
      Therefore trim the excess ends very level and very close to the base, leaving no tail.
71519 Blind Bale Connectors Hunt Blind Panel Connectors.
ake the blind easy to assemble and take down.
Wire bale slips over end of pin to hold the sections securely,
until you want to move the blind.
Easy open and close connectors. No loose parts to get lost..
5 each
$ 9.99
duck blind accesories
  Note: Not painted. To paint-degrease & apply flat outdoor spray paint color to match blind or setting.
72520 Same as above but painted Blind Connector: Dead Grass Colored (color not shown) powder coated connectors to match the new 2-Man Deadly Duck Blind

5 pack

Camo Bungee Cord 3/16
90003 Blinds Bungee camo cord
Click for larger picture
Camouflage Bungee Cord:   Heavy Duty 3/16 Camo Hold it shape longer.
Use to secure natural materials to blinds and structures.
Many uses in the field, on your boat, on your trailer or?r.
Quality cording, for longer life.. More resilient.
Hunter Green Camo color with black woven into the cord. Military Spec.

50 Foot Coil


Camo Bungee Cord 3/16

72029   2  Extra L- brackets
eeded to attach 3 blinds together= 6 man blind.
This allow pass through on both ends/side of middle blind.
(Enough L-Brackets included with 2 blinds = 4man blind.)
This eliminates the vertical strut, which the door attached to on one side.  Painted.  Made in USA.     
2 pieces

Duck Hunt Blind
  Prices- Subject to Change